Basic Foundry ServerIron Load Balancer Commands

All of these commands are show commands, I use them regularly on Foundry ServerIron XL & 4G models. It is worth noting the commands that utilise | inc will not work on the ServerIron XL model.

Display running config:
show run 

Display all bound VIPs on the Load Balancer:
show server bind

Search and display VIP information:
show server bind | inc <searchstring>
You will want to replace the <searchstring> with any information that you have that will help you find the VIP. Such as VIP IP, VIP name, real IP, etc.

Provides the full VIP configuration. (you will also be able to check here if reals are failing):
show server bind

Http information for the real. (you will be able to see here if the load balancer is able to hit the health check on the server, too see if something is failing) :
show server real http

Check VIP Configuration:
show run virtual

Check real’s configuration:
show run real

Show all real sessions on the load balancer:
show server sessions

Searches for session information:
show server sessions | inc <searchstring>

Display the total and concurrent connections for a specific VIP:
show server virtual



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