Find Fiber Host Bus Adapter WWN On Linux

  If you are looking for HBA wwn on your server just to do zoning or maybe doublecheck that it matches with what you see on FC sswitch just log in to your LInux box and run following: cat /sys/class/fc_host/host*/port_name Output (amount of lines) will depend on how many ports and cards you have in…

Procedure to collect support materials from EMC SAN

Below is the procedure to collect support materials: 1.       Login to control station using putty or terminal 2.       [nasadmin@ ~]$ cd /nas/tools 3.       [nasadmin@ tools]$ ./collect_support_materials 4.       [nasadmin@ ~]$ cd /nas/var/emsupport (location where the support materials are collected) 5.       [nasadmin@ emcsupport]$ ll Attach the latest set of support materials to the service request.