Powerpath migration on Windows Servers

powermig setup -src harddisk20 -tgt harddisk47 -techtype hostcopy

where harddisk20 is number of disk in powerpath console on old SAN and tgt harddisk47 is disk number from new SAN

powermig info -all

powermig query -handle 1

powermig sync -handle 1 to 17 (start all handles)

powermig throttle -throttlevalue 0-10 (0 fastes one, 10 slow) -handle 1 (1 to 17)

after sync finishes (can be checked by powermig query -handle 1)
powermig selecttarget -handle 1 to 17
powermig commit -handle 1 to 17
powermig clenup -handle 1 to 17